This device is equipped with the sensor that adopts the principle of the ultra-sonic for the detection of the liquid. A sonic sensor is not influenced by the specific gravity of the liquid like the sensor of the float type. Also, it doesn't influence the response speed like sensor of the capacitance type by the liquid that adheres to the sensor. The device which sonic sensor is adopted can perform the high accurate measurement.
The device is structure as GAS-TIGHT or RESTRICTED, and tank level can be measured without leaking a dangerous vapour, by equipped VAPOR LOCKS (gate valve of the sounding tube) on tank top by mounting the device on it.
The device is a measurement device of the intrinsically safe apparatus that can be used in dangerous atmosphere, and it is possible to use it in the dangerous area of the grade of Ex ia IIB T4.
"MMC SONIC TAPE" (portable tank measurement tape device) MODEL.D-2401-2. was inspected and approved by a Administration( Government of J.G) based on specifications MEPC.5(XIII) as an oil water interface detector in accordance with agreement MARPOL 1973/78 ANNEX 1 regulation 15 (3) (b).
This type (MODEL.D-2401-2) is reported to the organization that circulate it to the IMO member's country.
This device can be used as "level alarm" at any desired level for safe loading.
(the area of audible signal from the device on deck depends on the ambient condition. So, this must be decided under the user's responsibility.)
The standard device is equipped with a tape wiper in order to wipe off the dirt adhered to the scale when the tape is rolled up after the measurement.
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