SONIC TAPE & VAPOR LOCKS described in ISGOTT of the safety standard for the tanker ship means the Portable tank level measurement device where ultra-sonic sensor was adopted and the Gate Valve of the sounding pipe that can control the leakage of a dangerous vapor in the tank when the measurement work is done.
When the oil quantity stored to the tank is measured, it can know the stockpile in the tank by measuring the oil level and the temperature.
Especially, crude oil separates naturally from oil to contain bags of water. Therefore, the measurement on the oily water boundary side is demanded.
"MMC" SONIC TAPE & VAPOR LOCKS is an actual gauging device corresponding to the trust of the accuracy of the measurement and safety (SOLAS Regulation) and environmental problems (IMO Regulation).
The Tape was@adopted the steel-made scale of JIS standard (the 1st class), and is made in Conductive Graduated Tape, it is possible to measure it the measurement by the scale direct-reading the level, and easily, early and continuously by high accuracy.
It is possible to measure it by one with each tank. Therefore, the price of the system becomes cheap. (However, devices of the same number as the number of tanks where the loading is done at the same time are demanded on the condition of the loading operation.@A preliminary number when maintaining it might be needed.)
The installation for the equipments (The fitting for the VAPOR LOCKS on sounding pipe) on deck of the tankship is easier than the device of a fixed type, and the construction expense becomes cheap.
Accuracy and the function confirmation of the device can be easily done in the cabin.
The device can be repaired by sending back the device to the manufacturer (Therefore, expenditure by the engineer attendance onboard become unnecessary).
When the fixed tank measurement device breaks down, a portable device is useful for the emergency measurement and the calibration, etc. for the fixed tank measurement device.
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